4 Skincare Rules for A Glowing Asian Skin

For many Asian women, skincare can be tricky. The Asian skin is unlike any other types of skin. We’re more prone to acne, breakouts and getting it oily. Some Asian skins are also very sensitive to certain chemicals found in many products, experiencing worse effects than other skin types. Not to mention being exposed to sunlight and UV all year round!

So yes, taking care of the Asian skin is hard work. But with these 5 skincare rules, you can take better care of your skin and keep them nourished, healthy, and radiant. Let’s dive right in:

1. Stay Hydrated
With Asian skin, it’s very important to keep skin cells hydrated. Hydration is especially important for us living in warm climates. Dry and parched skin causes it to look dull. It can also be painful when skin dries up and starts to peel. So drink a lot of water, eat lots of fruits and avoid foods with high amounts of salt.

Apart from that, your skincare routine should also help in keeping your skin hydrated. Skincare routines like Byme can promote hydration so that your skin cells stay smooth and moist. And when they’re hydrated, they can function well to maintain a radiant and healthy glow.

2. Stay Shady
Living in a tropical climate has its perks. You don’t have to wear bulky winter outfits, the days and nights are always equally long, and it’s always a good time for ice-cream! But, it can be blazing hot and too sunny for comfort. So, always have your umbrella or sunglasses on standby in your purse or car even for a short walk outside. This will reduce the amount of UV exposure on your skin.

You can also try Byme Radiant Glow Complexion Cream. It’s a moisturiser that has a mild sun blocking agent perfect for regular days at work. However, you still need to apply adequate sunscreen with SPF 30 for outdoor activities. Remember to also wear proper clothing to keep your skin from getting sunburnt. Sunburns are painful and can even be dangerous.

3. Keep It Simple but Effective
We slather as much as 515 synthetic chemicals on our bodies every day! A lot of them are absorbed into our body, including dangerous chemicals like mercury, lead, and arsenic found in certain skincare products. The Asian skin is particularly vulnerable to these chemicals’ side effects which range from mild irritation to rashes to even cancer.

That is why you should switch to a simple skincare that uses minimal artificial ingredients and doesn’t have a laundry list of ingredients. Skincare brands like Byme pride themselves to be simple but effective skincare because we don’t add unnecessary chemicals and only use effective ingredients derived from nature.

4. Choose A Skincare That Promotes Natural Radiance
The Asian skin is delicate and sensitive, yet timelessly beautiful. What you really need to maintain your skin is a skincare that helps to bring out a natural radiance, without harming the skin. Natural radiance comes from adequate hydration and effective ingredient derived from nature.

Made especially for the Asian skin, Byme Skincare uses naturally-derived ingredients effectively formulated in Taiwan. With a high emphasis on boosting hydration, you will be able to attain inner glow and radiance through a smooth and translucent skin. Find your perfect Byme companion here!