Byme Skincare Star Ingredients Explained

Did you know that in all of Byme Skincare products, we use ingredients made from natural origins? There are 3 star ingredients that we are proud to include in every Byme Skincare bottles and masks; Moist 24, Purisoft, and Gulfstream Seawater.

How did we get these ingredients?

We sourced them after three years of talking, sourcing, and collaborating with experts and dermatologists far and wide. These ingredients are known for their amazing benefits to health and beauty. Let’s find out more about what they are:

1. Moist 24
This star ingredient is derived from the roots of Imperata Cylindrica, which is a species of grass grown in the wild in Asia. The Imperata Cylindrica is a very adaptable plant that can thrive in dry and saline grounds. Yet, this curious plant is able to retain water and even contains a lot of minerals and potassium.

Moist 24 is made from the extract of the Imperata Cylindrica. It is made as an active ingredient in all Byme Skincare products. Moist 24 can help your skin retain water and moisture so your skin cells will stay hydrated even in dry conditions! We believe hydration is key to natural radiance, so Moist 24 is a very important ingredient to Byme Skincare.

2. Purisoft
Our 2nd star ingredient that we include in all products is derived from the Moringa Oleifera tree. Their seeds, in particular, have so many amazing benefits, it is dubbed the ‘Miracle Plant’ by Ayurvedic practitioners in ancient India. There are essential peptides found inside the Moringa seeds that prove useful to us. Peptides are compounds smaller than protein found in many plants and organic matter.

Called Purisoft, these peptides, harvested from Moringa seeds, They are clinically proven to help shield your skin from impurities and pollution found the environment. This will make your skin feel protected and free from toxin all day long!

3. Gulfstream Seawater
We also include Gulfstream Seawater as the 3rd star ingredient in all Byme Skincare products. This ingredient came from a water source from the Northern Atlantic. Specifically, it’s seawater from the Brehat Archipelago off the coast of Brittany, France. It’s a water source that is 30 times more concentrated in precious minerals than other seawater sources.

As such, Gulfstream Seawater is rich in sea salt that is found to be useful to the skin. It helps activate your skin’s co-enzymes to balance and revitalise your skin. It can also restore your skin’s natural pH equilibrium and helps your skin cells retain water and nutrients for a glowing complexion. As an active ingredient, Gulfstream Seawater is an important part of every Byme Skincare product.

Ready to try them out?

Moist 24, Purisoft, and Gulfstream Seawater are carefully formulated in all Byme Skincare products, from our cleansers, serums, moisturisers, to face masks. These active ingredients help your skin stay hydrated and nourished aside from promoting its inner radiance. We’re proud to have these naturally-derived star ingredients in our skincare products because we believe in their prowess and we hope you’ll soon get to see the results yourself.

Experience all 3 star ingredients with Byme Skincare today!
Bonnie Low