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Friends of Byme: Joann’s Journey

Friends of Byme is an article series that peers into the lives of 4 Asian women of various backgrounds and lifestyles. Here, we talk to Joann and her exciting travels and journeys all over the world.

  1. Hi, Joann! Tell us about yourself.
    Hi, I’m Joann. I’m turning 30 this year. I am originally from Kulai, Johor but I now live in Petaling Jaya. Currently, I’m working in the banking industry, with the small and medium enterprises (SME) department. And I like to travel!

  2. What do you do in your free time?
    I like to go to the gym and I love to watch travel vlogs and read up about other countries.

  3. What’s your idea of self-pampering?
    I love to pamper myself with good food and spa. Sometimes, I do shopping too!

  4. Where was the last place that you travelled? What was it like?
    The last place that I travelled was in Europe earlier this year. It was so cold and I often needed to apply moisturiser to prevent my skin from drying.

  5. So, why do you love to travel? What motivates you to keep traveling?
    I love to travel around to explore the country I’m visiting and understand their culture. I enjoy talking to the local people and learn from them.

  6. What do you look for in a new place that you visit?
    Culture, food, and the bar.

  7. How do you decide where to travel?
    Haha, I decide based on my budget mostly!

  8. What do you remember the most among all of your travels?
    Of all my travels, I remember Japan the most. It was my first trip to Japan and I found that they are very cultured and civilised. The people there are so friendly and helpful. And what I remember the most about Japan was that the places were so clean that I couldn’t find any trash on the road!

  9. Lightning Round! Quickly tell us what is your:

    • Ideal travel location
      Always Japan

    • Next travel destination

    • Famous person you wish to travel with
      Eddie Peng (Taiwanese actor)

  10. So, tell us, how do you take care of your skin between travels?
    Despite my schedule, I take care of my skin with a moisturiser and mask, which is a must for me. Oh, and I use cleansers too!

  11. Have you had any skin conditions in the past or present?
    My skin is a combination type. There was a time when my face had some breakouts after I used a scrub product. Thankfully, my skin got better once I stopped.

  12. What do you look for when you buy a new skincare product?
    I look for an all in one product. Because it’s easier to bring around. And of course, it would be best if the price is affordable as well.

  13. Since you have tried Byme, what is the biggest difference that you had felt on your skin?
    The foam cleanser doesn’t make my skin tight after using it. And it has brightened my skin! Didn’t expect to see the effect so soon!

  14. So, did it meet your expectations?
    Yes, it brightens my skin quite well. Biggest surprise ever!

  15. How has Byme improved your lifestyle in general?
    The best thing is that I don’t have to bring too many skincare products whenever I travel anymore. My luggage is lighter and I’m very happy about that!

  16. Ah, so you bring Byme when you travel, then?
    Yes! The serum (skin essence) and moisturising face cream is a must for me to bring!

  17. Do you think other people should try Byme Skincare?
    Yes, everyone should try Byme. I think it’s a very good investment. Although it only has 4+1 products, it covers all your skincare needs!

Awesome, Joann! Thank you so much for your time.
We would like to thank Joann again for her time and her feedback on Byme. Hopefully, it helped you get to know Byme Skincare as well!